Burning In Deception – Madness Arises (Symphonic Heavy Metal EP review)

Burning In Deception

Madness Arises

Burning In Deception – Madness Arises EP

Symphonic heavy metal does not get any better than Burning In Deception’s “Madness Arises” ep, which hits the nail dead-on on the head with its skillful playing and cinematic-like arrangements.

It is very admirable, a group of musicians who’ve come together via the internet, writing and putting together an album, which would only come to fruition if all members were jamming together live. The wealth of talent on this EP is far beyond any expectation, as the kick ass production on this six track ep is phenomenal, giving the songs immediate realism, bringing you into their world. These guys are not doing anything completely out of this world, but mixing elements of heavy metal, death metal and progressive metal with symphonic and cinematic musical parts sure makes for one heck of a listening experience. All of the songs here are surely going to capture your immense imagination of our crazy world and hold your attention from beginning to end.

The vastness created by the formless keyboard interludes, melodically complex lead runs, backed by a quality vocal range, definitely makes “Madness Arises” ep a collection of songs able to stand side by side with the likes of Symphony X and Rhapsody. The stellar mixing also contributes to an awesome listening experience, which makes you feel every god damn emotion that Brazilian singer and lyricist Ruan Elias belts out here.

Talented guitarist and project founder, Vincenzo Avallone throws intricately played riffs and rhythms, which are sure to propel you in an emotional tailspin, but with positive vibes. His playing suites the symphonic songwriting here, and also gives it another dimension of creativity and drama.

This EP is truly nothing short of brilliant, and I cannot wait to check out their debut full length CD…      Sarjoo Devani

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