Broken Hope – Live Disease (Live Death Metal album/Blu-ray)

Broken Hope - Live Disease

Broken Hope - Live Disease

Broken Hope – Live Disease at Brutal Assault

Having always enjoyed Broken Hope’s gory and savagely perpetrated death metal, it was a mind obliterating experience seeing them dismember their songs live at Brutal Assault Festival.

Watching these guys tear up the airwaves along with their destruction of the Brutal Assault venue was nothing but sheer eye rotting candy. Classic numbers “Into The Necrosphere”, “Gorehog”, “Swamped In Gore”, “He Was Raped” along with three new songs: “Womb Of Horrors”, “The Docking Dead”, “The Flesh Mechanic” (from Omen Of Disease) as well as a few other numbers from their back catalogue make up the material here.

The different camera angles on the Blu-ray disc here made for an interesting experience, as the band can be witnessed in their blood curdling glory destroying the huge, maniacal crowd in attendance. The band was also good at getting the audience members all psyched up for some major pit heaving warfare on the venue floor. I just love it when bands instigate some good old, dirty violence among their fans…

New frontgrowler Damian Leski, founding member Jeremy Wagner, long time bassist Shaun Glass (no longer part of Broken Hope, now replaced by Diego Soria), drummer Mike Miczek, and lead guitarist Chuck Wepfer (also no longer in the band, replaced by Matt Szlachta), made for a killer and devastating live appearance. Having seen Broken Hope live in Los Angeles in 1995, it definitely can be said, these guys put on one heck of a brutal death metal show with no mercy in sight.

The CD of the same concert is well produced, as the band’s sound and performance comes out nice and clean, almost to that of a studio quality CD.

Overall, Broken Hope’s “Live Disease” is a must have for fans of brutal death metal, because it is a great example of the aural torture this quintet is capable of unleashing upon human ears.

Broken Hope is definitely back and stronger at that, so get ready to bleed for these blood and guts-inspired gorehogs. Century Media Records     Sarjoo Devani

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