BREATHLESS – Return To Pangea

Breathless - Return To Pangea

Breathless - Return To Pangea


BREATHLESS – Return To Pangea (CD)

Spaniards Breathless play thrash metal with an old school vibe, more akin to Kreator, Coroner, Xentrix, Slammer and Metallica. Their total thrash metal assault is pretty hard on the ears and even unrelenting at times throughout the 11 songs found here.

“Return To Pangea” is good, but nowhere close to being as great as the thrash/speed metal masters mentioned above. The vocals have plenty of Coroner’s Ron Royce feel to them, and the guitar rhythms and riffs on “Brooding Wraith” also have that Coroner tech/groove feel to it. You’ll even notice a lot of Mille Petroza of Kreator’s vocal influences along with that of James Hetfield from the early days of Metallica.

The mosh-worthy rhythms here are thrash metal-like for you to mosh in your own room ‘til you knock yourself silly. The rapid drumming is speed driven, and just goes wickedly out of control with the buzzing guitars and the chaotic vocals in tow.

These guys are really good at what they play and their skill level on their respective instruments is pretty solid, nothing that’ll blow you away as far as technicality is concerned. These guys are not focused on playing heavy, insane technically challenging music, as their approach here it to keep it blisteringly heavy and in your face, ugly. Breathless’ style is more in the vein of Exodus and early Metallica as far as their heaviness is concerned. Remember when Metallica was known, but not commercial-sounding when “And Justice For All” came out, well “Return To Pangea” is a cross between “Master Of Puppets” and Exodus’ “Pleasures Of The Flesh” and even maybe a few elements from “Bonded By Blood”.

I enjoyed this album, but not something I’d go out and buy just yet, as I am curious to hear what they do on their next full length CD. [Xtreem] Sarjoo Devani

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