Bound By Fate – Steadfast (Aggressive Heavy Metal album review)


Bound By Fate – Steadfast

Cleveland, Ohio’s Bound By Fate play an ass kicking blend of aggressive thrash metal with hints of hardcore and groove driven metal.

“Steadfast” is a solidly produced CD, which features seven cuts of muscle bruising metal that’s sure to hurt with repeated listens. This is the type of metal you’re prone to bang your head to, knowing well enough, it could knock you out with repeated blows to the skull.

The production on this album, which is their second full length CD, is spot on, with a clear mix and a chunky sound, giving all seven cuts here a scathing assault upon the senses. Opening track “The Cleansing” is a total all out thrash beating, with its thick and crunchy rhythms, which feels like you’re in a boxing ring, getting ready to be knocked into some sort of groove metal oblivion.

“Rebuild The Man” is jam packed with heavy pulsating guitar and bass rhythms that’s sure to make you raise your fists in the air and knock out the person standing next to you, especially at their gigs.

Honestly, Bound By Fate has plenty of energy to create complete chaos and madness, and it is not effective listening to this band on CD, as they need to be experienced live in a concert, as I can picture this quintet tearing up and trashing the venue beyond comprehension. I can see people at their shows just going crazy and out of control, leaving a huge heap of mess behind, haha.

Bound By Fate is definitely not the most original band in the world, but what sets these dudes apart from rest of the aggro-metal circles is their ability to bring their music to the listener’s face. Now, this is some serious thrash/groove metal to leave your mind in a complete haze of nothingness.

Check out “Steadfast” and let the thrashing on your senses begin…    Sliptrick Records       Sarjoo Devani

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