Bootlegs – Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema (thrash metal album review)

Bootlegs – Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema

Bootlegs – Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema


Bootlegs – Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema

This quartet known as Bootlegs is from Iceland, and play a maniacal breed of headbanging thrashmetal that’s sure to get you all revved up to take on the world. The thrash metal on this band’s album is a strong mixture of Slayer, Sodom and Kreator.

The mosh-laden rhythms along with the metallic and rockish leads just blows past your face, and it feels like you’ve been hit by a missile destined to crush your skull into millions. The playing on this 13-tracker is solid, heavy, and full of speed and energy, that’s sure to destroy your ears and your head.

Most of the songs are sung in their Icelandic language, but who gives a shit about their lyrics, as I was more focused on their heavy as hell music, and the vocals sounded good with their abrasive tone.

These guys sound like a fun type of band with their funny and not so serious lyrics, from what I was able to tell from the two English written songs.

At times the energy and upbeat attitude found here reminded me of Germany’s Tankard, another underrated thrash/speed metal band from the eighties as well.

Bootlegs have been around since 1986 on and off, and with the release of “Ekki Fyrir Vidkvaema” this quartet is on a course of serious destruction and mayhem no matter where they play.

With this release from Bootlegs, Iceland will never be the same, and do not be surprised if you find yourself banging your head to this foursomes’ violent, rhythm driven thrash assault. Not bad, just lyrically boring, as I do not know the Icelandic language.    Minotauro Records    Sarjoo Devani

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