Bomba W Torcie – Anarchia 666 (Grindcore, Hardcore Punk album review)

Bomba W Torcie - Anarchia 666

Bomba W Torcie - Anarchia 666

"Anarchia 666" is surely one of the most vile-sounding grindcore albums I've heard in a very long time, with all 11 cuts coming at the listener like a swarm of deadly Africanized Honey Bees.

Bomba W Torcie at times reminds of early Napalm Death, Brutal Truth ("Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom), EyeHateGod, Righteous Pigs and Benumb. The sound and production of this band's debut affair is pretty damn twisted with the wall of sound just coming crushing down on the listener without any warning. "Nazista" is a complete barrage of pulverizing guitar rhythms, agonizingly screamed out vocals, with drums sounding like grenades going off with no end in sight.

This album shows plenty of songwriting and musical talents within the grind genre, but the writing of the lyrics in the band's native language of Polish is a downer, especially if you do not know the language. I could see this mainly appealing to listeners in Bomba W Torcie's native Poland. However, if you're open minded and want to take a chance at listening to such skull crushers as "Jemy Lad", "Doktor Prorok" and "Fredi", you're definitely going to find yourself moshing your bloody guts out.

The bestial vibe and energy found on "Anarchia 666" makes for an interesting listen, but still wondered what the hell they're talking about in their lyrics. I just might have to take the time to use Google Translator to see what in the hell this bunch are saying in their lyrics.

Their sketched album artwork in black ink, is of a man from the ancient times being held against his will, while a mob of evil people get ready to hack his head off. Man, this is something, which could be out of the "Faces Of Death" movies from aeons ago.

Check it out if the lyrics are not a big factor in your enjoyment of grindcore, as I always enjoyed grind for it outspoken lyrics about the state of our world, corrupt politics, and socioeconomic ills around the world.  SelfMadeGod     Sarjoo Devani

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    lyrics of “nazista” are here, in description:

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