Bolu2 Death – Dualitas (Metalcore/Electrocore album review)



Bolu2 Death – Dualitas

Andalucía, Espana’s fearless foursome Bolu2 Death plays a wickedly punishing style of metalcore with glass shattering elements of electrocore.

The wall of sound Bolu2 Death present the listener with on this 12-tracker, is sure to obliterate all of their senses without any mercy – “Dualitas” is a brutal lesson in the extremes of metal. Mind you, they do not play anything morbidly like thrash or death metal, but their heaviness in the music and vocals culminates from their personal take on worldly and societal ills, which is bringing humanity’s downfall.

Some of the songs on this album are sung in their native language of Espanol and others in English, but this is not an issue here, as their musicianship and pissed-off sounding vocals give “Dualitas” a very unique edge over the competition within the same genre of music.

With the hard-hitting guitar rhythms accompanied by a groove driven bass and drumming section, the vocals in themselves come across heavy as hell. There is tons of passion within the vocals, even though most of the time they come across as sounding like they’re screamed out in agonizing chaos, but at times there are dynamic moments when they’re switched from dirty to clean. This feature gives the vocal arrangements here a solid punch to the guts.

Within the songs featured here, there are plenty of moments of electronic sounds from fat bass sounds to eerie industrial-like moments. This electrocore style adds so much depth to Bolu2 Death’s metalcore and also gives it such a unique character in the way they deliver their stellar metalcore moments here.

Check it out and you’ll feel their electric energy and metal just resonate throughout your body. This band is sure to rock your work inside out.  Necromance Records    Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the metalcore and electrocore insanity on the track "Jugando A Ser Dios", which is one of my favorite songs due to its high intensity and touches of metalcore and groovecore.



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