Blood Red Throne – Union Of Flesh And Machine (Death Metal album review)

Blood Red Throne - Union Of Flesh And Machine

Blood Red Throne - Union Of Flesh And Machine

Blood Red Throne – Union Of Flesh And Machine

Blood Red Throne is back with its most spine severing and gut wrenching work of pure old school death metal, which is bound to shatter the listener’s head into millions of tiny fragments.

“Patriotic Hatred”, the third cut on this album literally races by your ears with it’s vicious guitar torture, bestial vocals, and drumming that sounds likes grenades going off within the chaos found on this bitch. There is also a killer video for this track, taking place in a videogame type of setting, with the sole shooter going on a massive bloodbath-like rampage throughout the city. Man, talk about some gory and bloody imagery in this video, it’s sure to make you throw up last night’s dinner.

There are 11 juicy lean and mean cuts on this album, and by far, this has got to be Blood Red Throne’s best material to date. With time, countless festival appearances and touring, this elite death metal unit has just gotten much better as songwriters and performers.

Additionally, “Martyrized” has a killer rhythmic groove to it, which in turn is mixed with the more in your face snare and double bass assault. You don’t even get a breather here, but this is good because the entire record suffocates the senses.

The title track “Union Of Flesh And Machine” feels like a steamroller going over and crushing every bone in your body with its heavy as hell pulsating guitar rhythms topped-off with low and high growls, which is definitely the central theme of Blood Red Throne’s hideous vocals on this record.

I’ve always enjoyed this band’s style of old school death metal, as it sounds so genuine and original, which really makes their songs stand the test of time. With a modern and somewhat of a clean production, though not overly polished, Blood Red Throne rape the speakers, which spew forth their death metal disease.

This quintet’s tight musicianship also makes for an interesting listen, as none of their songs sound like they’re being rehashed, and it’s noticeable, that this bunch want to keep their songs brutal yet original to an extent.

Blood Red Throne is for you, if you’re into bands like early Hypocrisy, Sinister, Grave and Dismember.   Candlelight Records   Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the gory track "Patriotic Hatred", which is a standout song due to its bloody video game, animated graphic-like presentation.

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