Bleed The Sky – Paradigm In Entropy (Metalcore Album review)

Bleed The Sky - Paradigm In Entropy

Bleed The Sky - Paradigm In Entropy

 Bleed The Sky – Paradigm In Entropy (Metalcore album review)

Bleed The Sky’s debut for Nuclear Blast Records, “Paradigm In Entropy” has got to be the one of the best metalcore releases of all time.

This ten tracker, now reissued by Poland’s Metal Mind Productions, on a golden disc, digipac, and in an limited edition of 2000 copies, is one gem of a release.

First of, the vocals are very rampant, rabid and chaotic, more in the hardcore, heavy metal vein, with plenty of angst, that’s sure knock out the listener within the first few tracks.

“Division” is one of the heavier, ultra brutal tracks here, with some early Fear Factory influences, ear crushing guitar rhythms, haunting samples, and drumming that just blows up in your fucking face. Musically, listening to Bleed The Sky is like experiencing warfare on an auditory level – this motherfucker just decimates your senses and more.

I’ve never heard a metalcore/groove metal band as horridly punishing as Bleed The Sky, and “Paradigm In Entropy” is proof that you don’t have to play death or black metal to be all-that extreme in approach. The heaviness here stems of from a solid performance and creative writing characteristics, which showcase the band’s ability to craft well written and memorable music passages.

Their anti-political, religious and socially ill lyrics too are well written and interestingly put together with their obliterating songs. They fit really well, and shows the bands ability to create well thought-out songs, which average fans of extreme metal can relate to. This is a great songwriting quality to have and is one that makes a band, from any genre of music standout. These guys have the balls to think for themselves and do what they please, and it definitely comes through effectively on “Paradigm In Entropy”. Check it out and bang your head until it bleeds the sky. Metal Mind Productions  Sarjoo Devani

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