Black Stone Cherry – Thank You (Southern Rock album/DVD review)

black-stone-cherry-Thank You Livin Live

black-stone-cherry-Thank You Livin Live

Black Stone Cherry – Thank You - Livin’Live

From the first song to the last song, Black Stone Cherry possess a lot of energy and liveliness within their songs, especially this being a live release, they definitely know how to get the audience all revved up.

The sound of their live CD is pretty good, whereby the listener can experience all of their live nuances and the members of the audience going crazy to Black Stone Cherry’s Heavy Southern Rock. The band’s live energy is certainly captured here, but there is something, which does not appeal to me about this group. Their playing is loud and audible, though nothing special. Black Stone Cherry is another one of those heavy southern rock bands that play music for the sake of playing, as this is all they know. The musical talent here is nothing out of the ordinary, as their music comes across too much like that of Kyuss, COC (when they were going the heavy southern rock style, and failed miserably at it), and Black Label Society, though Zakk’s band is much more well versed at playing this style of rock music.

As far as the DVD portion of this release is concerned, these guys definitely thrive on their rock star image, and acting on stage when performing their boring as hell songs. It’s their music, which just kills it for me, as every track here sounds like the one before it. How can this be defined as talent? It’s no wonder why the American Heavy Rock and Metal Music scenes are not respected nowadays, as these bands cannot think for themselves and blatantly rip off one another.

However, I will give some credit to the decent quality of the live concert footage shot in Birmingham, England. At least this aspect of Black Stone Cherry’s live performance had spice to it due to the different shot angles captured here.

Don’t’ waste your time with Black Stone Cherry, as it will get you even more frustrated with an already lame rock music scene.    Eagle Vision    Sarjoo Devani


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