Black Lord – Black Ritual Forest (Black Metal album review)

Black Lord - Black Ritual Forest

Black Lord - Black Ritual Forest


Black Lord – Black Ritual Forest

Black Lord from Mexico play old school, primitive, raw black metal that’s sure to make your ears melt off in total, soul raping agony.

The guitars come at you with stealth speeds and go in for the attack, which is you, and then you’re bound to suffer from the ungodly musical and vocal forms present on “Black Ritual Forest”. This is the worst form of sound assault you can possibly endure, as it’s sure to decimate your physical form. The suffocated vocals sound like they’re strained and gasping for air, as they soak your ears in complete blackened misery. The drumming is pure, unadulterated and raw, to the point of fucking beating your weakened corpse into the ground like a wooden stake.

Songs like “Spiritual War”, “Lord Of The Night”, “Dreaming Into The Eternal Forest” and “Spell Of Darkness” unleash tornado-like rhythms, immaculately crafted vocal spells along with a brutal wall of sound that absolutely crushes all humanly senses.

Plenty of great sounds from bands such as Darkthrone, Celtic Frost and ABSU come to mind. The old school black metal feeling, which is disseminated on “Black Ritual Forest”, is outlandishly eerie and evil in sound.

With the black and white album artwork showing a cold, misty and darkened forest, you know that Black Lord is mysterious in many ways, but realistically fucking brutal and morbid enough to make your eyes bleed until they fall out. Black Lord’s music is viciously caustic and is sure to cause the listener, 3rd degree burns and inflict immeasurable pain upon their frail state of being. This is one band you’re bound to suffer to while their sadistic black metal tortures the living hell out of you.   Satanath Records    Sarjoo Devani

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