BLACK CROWN INITIATE – The Wreckage Of Stars

Black Crown Initiate - The Wreckage Of Stars

Black Crown Initiate - The Wreckage Of Stars


BLACK CROWN INITIATE – The Wreckage Of Stars (CD)

Penn State’s Black Crown Initiate definitely plays an extreme blend of death metal and melodic metal, with the more acoustic guitars and synthesizer arrangements.

“The Wreckage of Stars” is loaded with plenty of eerie atmospheres and darkness that canvases their musical dynamics. The music is defined as being progressive death metal, according to their bio, but I beg to differ with this, as there were not a whole lot of prog elements to be found on this ten tracker. Sure, they’ve many changes and tempo shifts within their songs, and this is a great quality, but it is not progressive by any stretch of the imagination. Black Crown Initiate is musically and vocally influenced by the likes of Nevermore, Daath, Scar Symmetry and many other death metal bands specializing in growl antics and grunts.

One moment, you’ve songs starting out mid-paced, before they speed up the tempo and thrash your head up with their down tuned death metal insanity. I like this as it broke up a lot of the duller moments found on this record. A good example is the track “Shapes Collapse” with its redundant acoustical intro with the gradual intensity of the toms being played in unison with this eerie guitar acoustical style. This passage could’ve been ditched all together, but they kept it, and it bored the hell out of me. There are definitely changes within their music, but not something that’ll grab you by your neck and suck you right into the speakers. So, this is my chief complaint here, Black Crown Initiate’s music does not grab your attention the way it needs to as it comes across-sounding too passive.

This band is not my cup of tea, but it might be something up your alley. I will just stick with the new Internal Bleeding for now, if I want something totally out of control and something that’ll obliterate my senses. If you like generic death metal with growls, melodic overtones and clean vocals, then Black Crown Initiate will entertain…  [eOne Music]   Sarjoo Devani

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