Billy Sherwood – Divided By One (Progressive Music album review)

Billy Sherwood - Divided By One

Billy Sherwood - Divided By One

Billy Sherwood – Divided By One

Billy Sherwood’s “Divided By One” solo offering is an awesome release, with ten songs of pure emotions and soulful atmosphere, it’s bound to take you on a musical journey of a lifetime.

From the Yes-like mellow yet upbeat attitude of opening song “On Impact” with its catchy choral passages to closing cut “End Of An Era’s” complex time signatures and blissful guitar playing, “Divided By One” is as diverse a progressive rock record could possibly ever get.

Of the ten numbers found here, none of them sound alike, as they could’ve been from Sherwood’s prior solo releases. The fact that his songwriting has its own identity present in every one of his songs, as this is a characteristic trait, which also gives the individual tunes their own sound and feel here.

The guitar sound and tone also have a very psychedelic feel reminiscent of that seventies progressive rock style. The vocals of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, and the music of Yes and ELP come to mind a lot on “Divided By One”, but also shows Sherwood’s own unique approach to writing some of the best quality progressive rock music ever committed to the digital media.

Considering Sherwood wrote, arranged, played all of the instruments, including the vocals here, and also produced this album, it shows his vision to have artistic control over his style and sound. I definitely give him kudos by doing everything himself, as he gets what he wants in the final result of the recordings.

“Here For You” is the highlight on this album with its balladesque nature, the music too is brilliantly breathtaking, especially the heavenly, melodic leads, and Billy’s singing is powerfully convincing, because it’s sure to bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Last but not least, the wealth of positive energy found here is spiritually uplifting and gives off tons of awesome vibes sure to put a smile on the listener’s face. “Divided By One” is nothing short of excellent; it’s a definite must listen for fans of rock and progressive rock music. Highly recommended.     Backyard Levitation       Sarjoo Devani

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