Billy Sherwood – Collection (Progressive rock album review)

Billy Sherwood - Collection

Billy Sherwood - Collection


Billy Sherwood - Collection

Progressive rock music is just one of those styles of musics you can chill out and listen to when you’re doing a whole host of activities, which is the case with Billy Sherwood’s style of prog rock.

When I was listening to this CD, I felt like I was going in and out of a trance-like state, with his unorthodox way of playing every instrument. He does not play nor write music like many of his contemporaries, and this characteristic definitely takes you on an insane auditory journey of the progressive rock realm.

His latest release “Collection” is a solid collection of songs taken from his seven solo releases, and this is as diverse it gets people, Sherwood is a musician’s musician. On top off all of this, he has just released his eighth solo release in the form of “Citizen”. He not only sings on the seven albums released prior to “Citizen” but also does the songwriting too, damn, how does he take on all of the songwriting when he works as a session musician for many well-known groups. He is currently playing bass guitar in Yes as the replacement for Chris Squire, who sadly passed away in June of 2015. Filling in the shoes of bassist and singer Chris Squire is no easy feat, as Yes is one of the biggest progressive rock groups of all time. However, Sherwood has held his own and done really well for Yes. And writing, composing and recording his own music for his solo releases is also very outstanding, as this takes plenty of time, patience and creativity, which definitely can be heard on this unique compilation of sorts here.

This CD shows all facets of Billy’s talent and playing, which can be heard from song to song, because every track here stands on its own two feet. I very much enjoyed the catchy and trippy choruses of “What Was That Question” to the weird, hypnotic-like guitar and synth progression on opening track “Drone Deciphers”.

With almost an hours worth of music on this nine song CD, there is a little of something for all of his fans on this musically and vocally diverse “Collection”. Very cool, and definitely for the hardcore Billy Sherwood progressive rock fans alike. This should definitely appeal to fans of Peter Gabriel, Genesis and Yes.    Backyard Levitation        Sarjoo Devani


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