Between The Lines (Atmospheric, Heavy Distorted Rock album)

Between The Lines

Between The Lines

Between The Lines

Oh my fucking hell, Between The Lines is from Galway, Ireland, and their debut self titled album "Between The Lines" is an atmospheric blend of emotionally-charge rock fused in with the more heavy, gain distorted rhythms.

The passionately sung vocals fit within the band's heavyhearted rhythms and natural flow of heavy guitars to give their songs an awesome atmospheric rock edge with tons of eerie and darkened moments. People, this is the style of rock and metal that apocalyptic dreams are built upon, as the end of humanity is close at hand, with such downers like "Sands Of Time" and "For Your Insanity". It's music, which is not only found on these two tracks, but all seven cuts featured here, just make you go into such deep hypnotic trances, you just forget about who you are and just follow the wickedly devilish dark moments featured here.

What is so admirable about this band is, they write music to inspire, look within yourself , and yet transfer the listener to a whole new plane of existence, which brings back memories of times gone by in the listener's life. This, however chilling and weird as it may sound, Between The Lines has created atmospheric rock that's not going to bring you back down to earth, but ultimately it'll push you into a whole you new dimension.

The songs on this album are pretty lengthy, kind of reminding of progressive rock songs at times, but the unique and different musical and vocal changes in each track gives it so much more depth, you just get sucked into their darkened musical paradise. Every song on this album is unique presented, mainly due to its musical diversity and atmosphere convincing enough to make you a follower of Between The Lines. Highly recommended, especially if you enjoy Katatonia, Anathema, The Blood Divine and even My Dying Bride.    Sarjoo Devani

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