Bestial Deform – …Ad Leones (Death Metal album review)

Bestial Deform - …Ad Leones

Bestial Deform - …Ad Leones

Bestial Deform - …Ad Leones

Russians Bestial Deform have returned with their latest and most crushing death metal release in the form of “…Ad Leones”.

This is the band’s first output of new stuff in 25 years, and a few re-recorded cuts from their first album from 1990, which definitely smokes many of the death metal bands in today’s global scene.

“…Ad Leones” is an absolute merciless barrage of chest thumping rhythms, bestial growls from the depths of hell, and percussive work that sounds like bombs going off around you. Now, this is what I call aggressively played death metal with plenty of hateful feelings geared towards the world and its fucked up ideals, which are created by religious bigots.

“Together We’ll Destroy The World” is an awesome re-recording of the original version, with a better overall sound, production, and the band’s playing just annihilates all existence with its nuclear war-like brutality. This song still has retained its fierce edge, and just rolls over you like a heavy piece of pavement dredging machinery.

“Severed To Pieces” is a deadly force of double bass lashings tied in with flesh ripping guitars, and growls that come at you like, like you’re a piece of meat to be consumed by the underworld infernal lord. The music is pretty well executed here, and some of the breaks remind of old school Pestilence.

This album is a worthy listen for fans of early Morbid Angel, Sinister and “Mindloss” era Gorefest.

Bestial Deform is a band hell bent for the destruction of our world, and their mind numbing death metal makes the experience all the more realistic in its ungodly approach.

Satanath Records     Sarjoo Devani

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