BENEDICTION – Organised Chaos reissue

Benediction-Organised Chaos

Benediction-Organised Chaos


BENEDICTION – Organised Chaos reissue (CD)

The United Kingdom’s Benediction tears up the sound barrier with the “Organised Chaos”, as the music here just grinds away at mid-tempo leaving the listener in utter chaos.

This is also the first album to feature their current singer Dave Hunt, who is just as good as Dave Ingram, probably a bit more understandable yet brutally more insane. This album features 12 cuts of the finest mid-paced death/grind you’re bound to experience. The quintet is tight, hitting every nail on the head, with the rampant tempo changes and heavy as fuck rhythms found here. Also, Hunt’s vocals have a lot to do with this grinding savagery found here, he just keeps pushing the envelope of brutality farther and farther on all 12 songs featured here.

“Suicide Rebellion” just steam rolls over you with its 1000-ton rhythms and double bass drum assault on the auditory senses. The vocals come at you like a raging black bear in massive heat.

“Organised Chaos” is sure to beat you into violent submission, leaving your corpse high and dry for the vultures circling above. People, this is death metal music with a perverse and grinding edge in its most raw form. Do not expect to find any studio trickery or the stealthiest studio tactics here, as the music here is Benediction’s ultimate weapon of mass sonic destruction.

The Andy Sneap and Paul Johnson production is really well done, bringing out the band’s finer moments in sheer heaviness. You can certainly hear all of the instruments including the vocals from this superb studio work applied on 12 of the songs presented here.

The dozen cuts featured here add to a good 60 minutes of pure unadulterated headbanging that is sure to give you a massive migraine.

What makes Benediction so interesting and unique, is that their guitars are blatantly down tuned to hell, therefore the rhythm sections of the bass and drums sounds like a fucking beast. This is the kind of extreme style of death metal I miss and love, as most of the extreme bands of today are so addicted to speed.

Benediction will go down in history as innovators of solid, in your face death metal with that slow to mid paced grind edge. Highly recommend checking out this Digipac reissue. [Metal Mind Productions] Sarjoo Devani


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