BENEDICTION – Killing Music reissue

Benediction Killing Music

Benediction Killing Music


BENEDICTION - Killing Music reissue (CD)

“Killing Music” is Benediction’s 8th album, and it is a wicked kick in the guts, with the way their grinding and malevolent guitars just come running after you. This album certainly has a much more raw sound than their last few releases, therefore giving the album that very punchy, brutal sound within the 14 tracks featured on here.

The production is really good as all the instruments and vocals can be heard clearly in the final mix, courtesy of Mike Kenney of Anaal Nathrakh fame. He has definitely brought out the band’s best performance and sound, making “Killing Music” one of the better Benediction releases in recent memory. Vocalist Dave Hunt is a superb growler, he definitely energizes the music here, and in turn making everything sound so bombastic along with the fat, earth quaking rhythms found here. Plus you can understand what he is saying if you listen intently, but roughness and harsh nature of the vocals make this a very bestial-sounding record. The drumming too, is tight, solid, and in your face, kind of sounds like a full stick of dynamite exploding at times. Drummer Neil Hutton’s drum kit sound has a bite that’s sure to knock you down on your ass and take a big chunk out of your flesh, leaving you to writhe in pain.

Guitarists Darren Brooks and Peter Rew unleash their barbaric dual rhythm and riff assault on the senses so effectively, you will not know what in the hell hit you flat across the face. Their playing is pretty straightforward, but the magnitude of heaviness can rattle even the most fearless soul. Bassist Frank Healy adds his low-end rumble to the entire mix, and you’ve nothing but sonic explosions galore. His bass rhythms are like a weapon of mass destruction, hell bent on destroying your bloody ears.

This album also features blisteringly sick and twisted covers from Broken Bones and Amebix, so you’ve a little taste of crust punk meets death metal.

Polish label Metal Mind Productions reissued this in 2000 numerated copies, and it pretty much is a carbon copy of the Nuclear Blast release from 2008, but in a numbered Digipac format for the hardcore Benediction fan. Check it out and let your brains explode all over yourself. [Metal Mind Productions]     Sarjoo Devani

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