BEAUTALITY – Einfallen: A Tale Ov Torment & Triumph

Beautality - Einfallen

Beautality - Einfallen


BEAUTALITY – Einfallen: A Tale Ov Torment & Triumph (CD)

The duo known as Beautality, play a hybrid style of black metal, which also includes darkened and folk elements too.

Vocally, there are raspy screams to properly sung out passages with the more emotionally driven synth and guitar arrangements. This aspect also gives the group a real dark edge, almost kind of gothic in ways, but definitely heavier than the latter. This twosome act can mix up many unique musical influences within the span of a song, which is sheer brilliance. With the average length of the six songs found here in the 14 minutes range, they’re able to incorporate many unique musical influences. These unique influences and unpredictable changes give their songs pure substance and keep them interesting for the listener.

I love the different types of depressive and haunting atmospheres found on this album, which shows the band’s serious side and their abundance of talent in all things dark. I do wonder, how are they able to pull of so much musically, as a two-person band, but it’s the musical know how and talent makes things on “Einfallen : A Tale Ov Torment & Triumph” such a treat.

The multilayered approach to their guitar rhythms and arpeggios creates a feeling of being haunted in the forest of nowhere. Now this surely brings chills to the skin, therefore creating some major goose bumps. “Einfallen” starts off as a mixture of early Godsend and Enslaved, with it doomy parts, and the vocals remind of early Enslaved and Samael.

The synthesizers are definitely the highlight on this album, as they give the songs much more added depth and emotion in the way the songs flow here. Beautality is highly recommended for fans of Enslaved, Samael, Tiamat, Katatonia, Opeth and Alcest. This is black metal taken to another level of intelligence and musical prowess. [Nordavind]    Sarjoo Devani

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