Balances – Renascent (Metallic Hardcore album review)

Balances - Renascent

Balances - Renascent

Balances – Renascent

Belgium has always had a very strong hardcore and extreme metal music scene throughout the last 20 years or so, and Balances is out to prove that their style of emotionally charge hardcore is on a mission to annihilate the human senses.
“Renascent” reeks of early extreme metal mixed with hardcore influences, which range from Unearth, Carnifex, Aborted to Cataract.

The rhythm guitars are just as abusive as their caustic vocal torments and drumming that just shatters the floor beneath you. You can definitely feel the walls shake with so much energy and power, it feels as if its all going to come crashing down. Balances have a semi-death metal flair within their gruff vocals, and just rip off the ears from the skull with its sheer intensity. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself going deaf from the bestial, grinding vocals here.

“Transcend” features some interestingly crafted guitar melodies along with a few clean spoken parts alongside the semi-growl vocals, which also showcases the band’s piano written arrangements to close out the song. So the listener is not only treated to extreme hardcore heaviness, but there are some lighter, tear-laden moments here as well.

“Of Humanity” jumps out at you with its groove generated rhythms, drumming, and the different tempo changes add to the growing internal confusion experienced here. This track is one of the songs you want to get on the floor and start slamming your body into everyone, while all your blood, sweat and tears fly everywhere.

Balances-is not reinventing the extreme hardcore wheel here, but it is the manner in which they hurl their face bruising metallic hardcore at you. Do not pass this release up or you’ll surely regret it, as there is plenty of potential on here.   Sarjoo Devani


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