AXIA – Pulverizer (Death/Grind Metal album review)


Axia - Pulverizer

Axia - Pulverizer

Portugal's Axia play a mind blowing and blisteringly brutal assault of deathgrind, lethal enough to level entire cities.

Musically, it it a visceral mixture of death metal meets grind, with the grind element just making all of their songs so explosive. With the sound, mix and production being of top quality, "Pulverizer" is literally on fire, pulverizing everyone in its path. The quartet's musicianship being of the highest calibre, the songs just come at you with uncontrollable velocity, knocking the wind out of you.

With a track like "It Still Clicks (I Hope You Die)"; its sudden, repetitive grinding snare attacks and bestial vocals will leave you feeling the band's sinister emotion flowing throughout your body. There is also a killer drum playthrough video of their drummer Marcelo Aires below, along with this review, for your pure mental torture. Track #5, "This Is The Sound Of Death" is exactly what the song titles states, the sound on this song is going to leave you for dead with its horrific drumming and vocals sounding, as if they're coming from mutilated vocal chords.

"Absence Of Light" starts of with an eerie synth passage, and is followed by very darkened, almost apocalyptic vocal screams, and then the song just slowly pounds your weakened body into the pavement. Just imagine the pain and agony you're bound to feel here, and you'll know that Axia means business in the sickest of ways.

I love the downtuned guitar tunings of guitarist Max Tome, as it gives this whole album a very depressive vibe all the while grinding your head into the ground.

Musically, Axia is not moving mountains, they're building mountains of immense death, grinding misery, and violence to consume our world alive. Listen to "Pulverizer" and die... SelfMadeGod Records      Sarjoo Devani






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