Aunt Mary – New Dawn (Rock album review)

Aunt Mary - New Dawn
Aunt Mary - New Dawn

Aunt Mary – New Dawn

Aunt Mary’s Norwegian, Euro style rock music is more in the vein of seventies rock and heavy rock music from USA and Europe, with plenty of soul, rhythm, and catchy hooks.

“New Dawn” is Aunt Mary’s newest release in a very, very long time, and it shows the band’s penchant for writing and composing rock music with soul and power to bring the listener to their knees. Considering this quartet has been around since 1969, and have created a name for themselves among diehard progressive, melodic and heavy rock fans the world over, “New Dawn” is proof they’ve still got the ROCK in their music.

With 11 songs on offer here, “New Dawn” is loaded with interestingly crafted guitar melodies topped-off by infectious vocal harmonies that’ll make you sing-a-long to every track featured here. The fact that this band can generate so much positive energy here makes for an even interesting listen, as it’s really easy to get into their AOR and concert hall rock music.

Influences from Deep Purple, Bad Company, Pink Floyd, Glenn Hughes and Jethro Tull can also be heard throughout the 11 cuts featured on this mostly upbeat record. Two of the most memorable songs here for me he were “Open Your Eyes” with its moody acoustic and bluesy guitar licks and atmospheric synths in the background. And the second track I very much enjoyed listening to is “Soldadera” with its solid bass guitar and guitar rhythms. This song also featured some semi-Pink Floyd-esque singing along with the mesmerizing acoustic guitar riffs and chilling synths to go along. Lead singer Glenn Lyse (also a 2007 Norwegian Idol winner) has a superbly talented vocal range and just flows with the requirements of each of the songs here. Founding and sole original member Bjorn Kristiansen plays his guitars like they’re engaged in some sort of out of this world conversation. His playing style is very unique, in that he plays like no one out in the rock music universe, and for this reason his lead and rhythm structures shine bright on “New Dawn”.

Highly recommended, especially if you’re a fan of good old 70s and early 80s soulful rock music. Wind-Up Records   Sarjoo Devani

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