Assailant/Ubiquitous Realities – Bringers of Delusion (Thrash/Death Metal Split EP review)

Assailant:Ubiquitous Realities Split EP

Assailant:Ubiquitous Realities Split EP

Assailant/Ubiquitous Realities – Bringers Of Delusion   split EP

This split EP of two of the finest groups to come out of Costa Rica: Assailant and Ubiquitous Realities is potent enough in their respective categories of tech-thrash/death and old school death metal.

First band up, Assailant presents us with their four tracks of mind bending, muscle contorting and brain shrinking tech-thrash metal with some hints of death metal. This quartet bring influences from Atheist, Death, Cynic and Pestilence to give the listener a mind numbing punch to the head, leaving them lifeless. Yes, the music on the four cuts featured on this EP is packed with intricately crafted melodies, tongue and cheek bass hooks, Kreator-esque and Atheist reminiscent vocal abuse. The drumming at times reminds of Sean Reinert from Cynic, but Assailant pounds their skins hard enough to make you writhe in fear. Despite, the recording mix being thin in places and not letting the lead guitars shine throughout; Assailant is a top-notch act and a strong contender within the global extreme metal scene.

The second band, a duo in the form of Ubiquitous Realities just knocks the living shit out of the listener. Their skull shattering guitar, bass rhythms and guttural vocals sound like a demon rising from the fiery depths of the abyss. These guys certainly reminded me of early Suffocation, Morbid Angel in their heyday, but with more of their own sound and style of intensity.

“Bringers Of Malevolence”, “Biological Demise”, “Alterated Perception I” and “Alterated Perception II” make up their four-song EP, and there is enough heaviness and blistering power, which makes this duo’s death metal such an interesting listen. This split EP is highly recommended, as tech-thrash and death metal do not get any insane than what’s featured on this CD.

Symbol of Domination  Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the brutally sickening track "Bringers Of Malevolence" from Ubiquitous Realities, which is a stand out track due to its ultra brutal, old school death metal vocals and demoralizing music.



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