ARSIS – We Are The Nightmare

Arsis - We Are The Nightmare

Arsis - We Are The Nightmare


ARSIS – We Are The Nightmare (CD review)

Virginia’s Arsis play a melodic blend of thrash meets death metal, with tons of catchy hooks and guitar harmonies to add greater depth to their songs.

“We Are The Nightmare” is Arsis’ 4th record, and shows plenty of maturity in songwriting and delivery, with the guitars showcasing individualistic styles and many interesting variations in composition. The drumming too, not technically out of this world, but executed with enough solidness and heaviness to make you bang your head hard.

The vocals too, are quite mature, though nothing of commercial nature, as they’re still raspy and deathly all the way through, making the listener’s hair standup in total fear.

The Zeuss production definitely does the band heck of a lot of justice by showing the individual talents present within the nine cuts featured here. A blend of strong production duties and top notch, highly skilled playing makes
“We Are The Nightmare” is one hell of an album, which cannot be matched in this extreme genre of metal.

What I find so unique about Arsis is how cohesive they are as a band; the music they create, write and play is just infectious and has the power to move the listener in profound ways. There is no one track on here, which stood out for me, as they’re all equally satisfying in playability, and the extreme nature of the sound here just crushes the senses.

Highly worth checking out this gold CD reissue, with a limited run of 2000 numerated copies in the world. And this Digipac packaging is very well packaged and presented, which makes this album all the more worth your attention. [Metal Mind Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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