Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Strange Hobby (Classic Rock Album review)

Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Strange Hobby

Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Strange Hobby

Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Strange Hobby reissue

Originally released in 1996, Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Strange Hobby is an album of classic rock and progressive rock covers from the 1960s and 1970s. There are also four bonus cuts added to this reissue as well, which makes this reissue complete.

Lucassen’s musicianship even with his favorite covers is quite well played and executed, something, which should make these bands covered on this CD very proud. He has kept true to the original song’s integrity, energy and presentation, but given it a more modern touch in his playing and singing. The production and sound, from 1996 is awesome, produced with minimal use of sound processors and effects, and presented with his touch of class guitar playing and diverse singing range.

Few of the noteworthy cuts here for me came from The Beatles with their “Norwegian Wood”, Pink Floyd’s “Arnold Layne”, and my favorite, believe it or not: “Daydream Believer” from The Monkees. This song still brings me chills when I hear it on an AOR (album oriented rock) format radio station. Lucasssen definitely hit the ball out of the stadium on this ethereal track.

There are also other noteworthy covers featured from the likes of Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson and other well-known rock artists from this time period. Also, one of the four bonus cuts making it on this reissue is an original song written in the classic vein by Arjen, in the form of “Pretty Girls”, which stands along side the classics he has covered here. The upbeat, happy-sounding choruses on this song are catchy and give it memorable moments here.

There is a little bit of all classical styles of rock music from yesteryear, and Arjen is living proof that him covering these songs today is still timeless, especially with him sticking to the original vibe of these cult songs. There are a total of 21 cover tunes found on this reissue, and is highly worthy of your time, especially of you’re a fan of classic rock music.

Cherry Red/Transmission Records        Sarjoo Devani


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