Aornos – Orior (Symphonic Black Metal album review)

Aornos - Orior

Aornos - Orior

Aornos – Orior

Algras is the sole brains behind Aornos, a chaotic yet very symphonic style of black metal that’s sure to rape your senses beyond recognition.

“Orior” is a very spellbinding album with its 11 cuts, including a killer cover of Emperor’s “Ensorcelled By Khaos”, which is even darker and heavier than the original version. Now this is something, which would make Emperor’s Ihsahn very, very happy. The downtuned rhythm guitars and raspy vocal screams here smoke the listeners’ ears with great forces of evil, leaving nothing to spare.

Song number three “Castellum” is a whirlwind wall of twisted guitar riffs, spine numbing symphonic synth arrangements, and drumming lethal enough to level everything in its path. Imagine being stuck in the middle of a tornado, knowing all to well that your life is about to end, and you’ve no peace of mind with your bloody demise at hand.

The music is very symphonic and blissful at times on “Orior”, but leaves no room to breathe freely, as it viciously wraps its tail around your neck, crushing your airways to life. You’re sure to be gazing in complete bewilderment, at just the thought of staring into death’s demonic eyes.

Aornos’ style of symphonic black metal art is definitely meant for listeners with open minds, as they do not sound like the typical black metal band trying to lace their sound with fake synth atmospheres. People, Algras is for real, and what he has written on “Orior” is very passionate and from the darkened passages of his mind.

One of the heavier tracks on here is in the form of “Dominus Vexator”, with its sound barrier shattering blast beats, and insanity laden raspy vocal parts with chilling synthesizer arrangements that just haunt the mind.

Even the heavier and brutal parts sound so damn good with the orchestral arrangements found here, as it only creates more darkness within the listener’s mind.

It’s very admirable that Algras is able to conjure wicked images of evil, insanity, torture, darkness and blasphemy with his style of songwriting and unorthodox musical and vocal arrangements.

If there is a band Aornos can probably go toe to toe with; it would be Grief Of Emerald, Dimmu Borgir and probably latter day Emperor. Don’t get me wrong, all of these more established bands are still awesome, with the exception being Emperor, as they’ve been defunct for a while now.

Aornos is definitely an extreme black metal act to follow, as they’re onto something horridly monumental!   Symbol Of Domination    Sarjoo Devani

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