ANY FACE – Perpetual Motion Of Deceit

Any Face - Perpetual Motion Of Deceit

ANY FACE – Perpetual Motion Of Deceit (CD)

Italia’s thrash quartet Any Face play unique-sounding style of thrash metal, nothing out of the ordinary, but style and sound-wise they’re onto something interesting. They’ve incorporated mainly growl/rough vocals, but few of the songs also feature natural clean vocals and also one of their songs feature clean yet energetic female vocals. Now this is unique, as Any Face is definitely striving to carve out their own niche within the thrash metal scene.

Any Face’s “Perpetual Motion Of Deceit” is nothing groundbreaking musically, but from a few listens, it can be noticed that they are trying to really create a style and sound that is all their own. This is a very strong trait as I see their style and sound even more refined and improved on future releases.

The reason I make this observation is that they do not sound like the typical metal group, as it is so challenging to compare their music with that of any thrash metal music or even heavy metal music that exists today.

However, “Trapped In Yourself” is a noteworthy track as it displays the band’s thrash metal influences along with some interesting tech metal parts in the guitar rhythms and riffing. The pissed-off rhythms and vocals make this song very promising. I will give them credit for being interesting with their lead playing as its got a rock groove, vibe to it, and nothing noisy. The leads on this album have depth and substance and hold your attention, which is a minor point, but it’s a good starting point for a group focused on creating a sound that will be unique someday.

I enjoyed listening to Any Face’s “Perpetual Motion Of Deceit” but I am waiting for their future material, as I know these guys are going to tear up the sound barrier with unique musical ideas.  [Nadir Music]      Sarjoo Devani


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