Anthrax – For All Kings 7″ Box Set (Thrash Metal Compilation Review)

Anthrax - For All Kings 7" Boxset


Anthrax - For All Kings 7” Box Set

Mosh, thrash metal titans and veterans Anthrax have just unleashed their most uniquely put together ten disc 7” vinyl box set in the form of “For All Kings”.
This nicely produced box set features ten 7” discs in various designs and color themes along with customized artwork for all ten corresponding disc sleeves. The vinyl discs are manufactured in swirl designs for most of them, in the following colors: green, blue, red, orange, maroon to really whet your appetite.

Musically, it gets very interesting, as they’ve featured rare demo versions along with the original album featured cuts for the following songs: “Breathing Lightning” (definitely a very heavy, rock, thrash driven tune with a very uplifting vibe.), “Monster At The End”, “Suzerain”, “Zero Tolerance”, “Blood Eagle Wings” and “Defend Avenge”. “Defend Avenge” reminded me a lot of Anthrax’s early days, aka “Among The Living” and “Spreading The Disease”.
“Vice Of The People”, a thrash metal groove driven track was originally released in Japan as a bonus cut, now it is featured on vinyl for the very first time for the North American market.

For Anthrax fans who crave cover songs, they will be pleased with the awesome and tastefully executed covers from White Stripes, with their classic cut “Black Math” and Kansas’ chart topping radio hit “Carry On”, which should make the members of Kansas very proud. Anthrax definitely hit the ball out of the stadium with these two cover songs.

I really enjoyed the covers, but the demo versions when compared to the studio versions make you appreciate the level of thought and work gone into making these songs come alive with utter brilliance. Just the sheer energy of Anthrax’s superb playing and songwriting found on the five other studio cuts: “You Gotta Believe”, the title track “For All Kings”, “Evil Twin”, “This Battle Chose Us” and “All Them Thieves” just makes you want to headbang to their music and just let yourself go crazy. I can only imagine what it would be like live, experiencing Anthrax’s thrash/mosh metal insanity with all of the songs featured on this 7” 10 discs box set.

I’m very happy with the fact that there are no live songs featured here, as the demo versions of the songs mentioned above show the band’s rawness without all of the studio wizardry. You feel like as if you were there, when Anthrax produced the demo cuts.

Singer Joey Belladonna sounds as good as he did in the early days of Anthrax, and so does rest of the band, as they are solid, creative, and in your face with their all out heaviness. For hardcore Anthrax fans, “For All Kings” 7” Box set is definitely a must-have addition to their collection of superbly crafted and written music.

Megaforce Records    Sarjoo Devani

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