Annihilator has always been one of those bands, which I've enjoyed listening to as their style of thrash, speed metal keeps on evolving and turning into something refreshing on every album Jeff Waters and Co. release. Waters is definitely a one talented guitarist and true visionary when it comes to writing the best in headbanging thrash metal on the earth. Sure there are others too, but Annihilator's music is memorable and full of so much punch, you just can't forget their music after listening to it on CD or better yet seeing them live as this is even more brutal.
I am very happy that Jeff chose to title this new album "Feast" as it is a true testament to how awesome this album is musically, and vocally it brings back the memories of "Alice In Hell" but with more power and renewed life. This CD features nine studio cuts plus you will get a CD of rerecorded Annihilator classics from their 25 plus years career. Let me tell you, the nine tracks on offer burst with thrash metal, heavy metal, speed metal, one interesting ballad, and "No Surrender" with superb blend of funky rhythms mixed in with skull-splitting thrash metal. The eardrum pulverizing guitar riffs, rhythms and solid drumming plus the thick, chunky bass lines are so fucking potent, it's strong enough to level an entire city block. Vocalist Dave Padden sings with so much emotion and anger, you feel all of this pain and sorrow, thereby dragging you even deeper into Annihilator's music.
I could go on and on about how killer this album is, but in all honesty it does no justice as you really need to check "Feast" out for yourself, whether you're old Annihilator veteran or someone new this style of heavy metal. Check it out and let the aural "Feast" begin as you're about to get the ass kicking of your life and then some. I'm giving Annihilator a 10 out of 10 for venturing into somewhat of a new musical territory but still keeping its true thrash/speed metal roots intact. [UDR ]   Sarjoo Devani

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