Angakok (Doom/Sludge Metal album review)




Belgium’s doom, sludge, drone metal trio Angakok play with a gargantuan down tuned sound, which is sure to annihilate your ears leaving you deaf forever.

These guys play with so much anger and frustration driven feelings, you’re bound to feel every note claw at your goose bump-laden skin. You’ll feel the deep and down tuned guitar and bass rhythms to slowly wind around your neck like a python, leaving you helpless and motionless.

The ten cuts of the most hellish-sounding doom, sludge and drone metal on this album is much more toxic than being addicted to weed and crack at the same time. People, this is extreme metal not written for the masses, it’s for the very elite and special fans of darkened, doom, sludge metal with drone overtones. Angakok’s music is definitely eclectic yet more extreme than some of the most brutal death and black metal bands in the scene today. What this trio play is a frantic, nightmare-like doom metal, which will come into your mind and then smother your face into the pillow leaving your body lifeless, while the walls around you shake, rattle and roll.

If you want to experience depressive doom and sludge metal at its most vile and insane, look no farther, as Angakok is sure to obliterate your bloody senses to the sun and back.

The almost 12 minute in length “Samsara” was slow, dirge filled melancholia with hints of acid burning your flesh slowly, and wicked moments of musical changes potent enough to give you an eternal high. The drumming too was down tuned in its tuning while the strange, eerie guitar rhythms sent shivers down my spine, leaving me out in the cold to witness my own forsaken misery.

Listen, if you want to knock yourself out, do it while listening to Angakok, as you’ll truly experience the darkest confines of a true hell! Not recommended for everyone, especially trendy people listening to heavy metal nowadays just to be accepted by the metal norm.    Satanath Records    Sarjoo Devani

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