Anderson Ponty Band – Better Late Than Never (Progressive Rock album review)

Anderson Ponty Band - Better Late Than Never

Anderson Ponty Band - Better Late Than Never

Anderson Ponty Band – Better Late Than Never

Having always enjoyed listening to Yes with Jon Anderson singing, I was literally blown away with his newest album along with core songwriter and virtuoso violinist Jean-Luc Ponty.

“Better Late Than Never” is a superb collection of Jon Anderson’s hits from his time in Yes as well as his favorite solo numbers. Jon’s singing is still soulful and harmonious as it was some 40 odd years ago, it’s like there was no time lost from what he did in the early days with Yes to present day. With favorites like “A For Aria”, my all time favorite “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, “Time And A Word”, “Roundabout”, along with other awesome tracks featured here as well.

What makes Jon an interesting singer and songwriter is his ability to have dynamic vocal parts that fit comfortably with the music. This is proof on this album of sorts, and goes without saying, Jon is one of the best progressive rock singers in the world. His approach to each and every song he sings on is truly magical, with his charisma, command of memorable harmonies, and sound so unique to him. His voice cannot be replicated, no matter how hard it’s tried. However, the vocals on “Better Late Than Never” are truly phenomenal, as it is nothing but pure talent and experience at its highest level.

Musically, as I mentioned earlier, this album is loaded with interestingly written guitar harmonies, solid drumming, but most of all Jean-Luc Ponty’s stellar violin playing. This being my first ever hearing of Ponty’s virtuoso violin playing, I was totally breathless, as he has a way to really command your attention. Listening to the songs here with violin gives it a very unique edge, especially on the Yes songs, “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” and “Roundabout”, as the original versions were more vocal, guitar and synth focused.

Ponty has a way of playing his violin, as if it is speaking to you, but in a musical sense, and this element of his playing makes a very strong impact throughout the songs featured here.

This double CD set also features a DVD of one of their live performances as well, and they’re definitely a solid live band as well.

I can go on and on and on about much this release rocks, but until you do not listen to it for yourself, you’re not going to know. “Better Late Than Never” is highly worth checking out, so what are you waiting for? Liaison Music     Sarjoo Devani

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"Owner Of A Lonely Heart" is one of my all time favorites from Jon Anderson, and here is a very unique-sounding version of this song below.


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