And It Echoed In Every Part – Let Your Light Shine (Instrumental Rock album review)

And It Echoed In Every Part - Let Your Light Shine

And It Echoed In Every Part – Let Your Light Shine

Francis Howard is the guitarist, songwriter and composer behind the instrumental rock project And It Echoed In Every Part. The guitar playing on “Let Your Light Shine” is very soulful and emotionally fueled, as you can definitely feel all of the emotions Francis is fighting through on this 16-tracker.

He has plenty of interesting ideas, which he conveys through his interesting metal influenced picking and chord progressions found on every song. “Let Your Light Shine” would sound even better with a better production and a solid rhythm section, but for his first outing, it’s good, positive start to something very promising on a larger scale. There’s no shred guitar tactics featured here, but the melodic playing and use of different keys and techniques makes this album a good listen. This is the type of instrumental rock/metal you can chill out to and just wind down to.

With almost an hours worth of material, you’ll be treated with some interesting guitar chops and melodic riffs that’ll suck you right into your speakers. Francis’ style of instrumental rock/metal is more in tune with Vinnie Moore and Tony McAlpine, but striving towards his own musical vision, which I highly laud him for.

Like I mentioned earlier, the rhythm section could be more solid, as it comes across sounding flat, kind of being there for the sake of being there, which does not complement Francis’ playing in sort of way. Personally, the drumming and bass rhythms could be doing something totally different and unorthodox to really push the guitars up front to steal the spotlight so to speak.

Last but not least, while I think the band moniker sounds cool, but it works best for a song, as a band name the average listener is sure to forget it due to its length. In order for Francis’ musical project to standout among a myriad of instrumental rock/metal projects, look toward a shortened, but very catchy band name.

Check it out, as there is good potential here…   Sarjoo Devani         

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