ANCIENT WIND – The Chosen Slain

Ancient Wind - The Chosen Slain

Ancient Wind - The Chosen Slain


ANCIENT WIND – The Chosen Slain (CD)

Glenwood Springs, Colorado’s heavy metal and death metal titans Ancient Wind are definitely carrying the flag of old school death metal high and mighty.

“The Chosen Slain” is an amalgamation of Iron Maiden, Sodom, Bathory, Amon Amarth, Overkill and even black metal heathens Enslaved. This album is a handcrafted mixture of heavy metal, black metal rhythms, raspy vocals, and a mid-paced drumming assault. The music alone creates visions and atmospheres of a darkened wasteland where mass slaughters of ancient warriors have taken place. You can only imagine the bleakness these guys create within their music, from the misery-laden descriptions of their music I’ve given you. “The Chosen Slain” is a fitting album title to the victorious and blood-drinking music Ancient Wind has penned here. There is nothing Satanic about this album, it just makes you feel as if you’re trapped in the deepest regions of the abyss.

“Blood Of The Saxons” has a lead run, which is so reminiscent of early, early Iron Maiden, it is scary, as you feel you’re listening to Iron Maiden during their early, glory years of heavy metal splendor. “They Walk An Endless Path” has a very cool starting rhythm section, which brings to mind early Overkill – remember “Taking Over” and “Feel The Fire” and “The Years Of Decay”? Yes, if you mix all three of these Overkill releases with Iron Maiden, Enslaved and Bathory, you’ve definitely got a hellish riot on your ears.

The production is pretty good here, very raw, not overly processed with sound effects, and just sucks you right into your speakers on the eight songs here. It’s the raw production sound, which gives “The Chosen Slain” such an organic feel throughout this album, which also adds more salt to the open wounds you may find on your decrepit flesh. [To The Head Records] Sarjoo Devani

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