Ancient Spheres – In Conspiracy With The Night (Black metal album review)

Ancient Spheres - In Conspiracy With The Night

Ancient Spheres - In Conspiracy With The Night

Ancient Spheres – In Conspiracy With The Night

This is so awesome to have a black metal band, Ancient Spheres, who hail from Costa Rica, as it shows extreme styles of metal and anti-Christian extremism is spreading on a global scale. This black metal wave if imminent destruction is even invading South and Central Americas, and this is brilliant.

Ancient Spheres’ style of black metal is very reminiscent of the early nineties black metal scene, and shows how raw and bestial their razor sharp riffing can get with the strangulated, raspy vocals. “In Conspiracy With The Night” defines who Ancient Spheres is a as band, as their music is raw, almost very primitive in delivery, and strange in a way due to the unholy dark possessed musical elements unleashed on this 15-track beast.

This trio feature within their skilled talents interesting riff assaults, religion-hating throat abuse, and grey lyrics of a world dying in total misery due to the motherfucking god and religion-preaching faggots imposing their beliefs on the innocent. You can surely feel the frustration and angst within this band’s overall blackened energy and negative vibes, which you’ll be shrouded in.

This release features 11 new songs and four remastered bonus tracks in the form of “Lord Of The Morbid Ritual”, “Chaos Compass” (Alternative lyrics) and “Serkes”, “Sands Of Oblivion” (Voice re-recorded). “Sands Of Oblivion” is such a brutally, evil-sounding track, it is by far one of the more heavy songs on this album. The heavy as fuck, raging guitars hit you in the head, than decapitate you above the shoulders. Ancient Spheres are much, much dark, heavy and anti-religious, as can be seen from their pagan lyrics as well as self-sacrifice in the name of death.

Ancient Spheres is one of those types of black metal bands you want to listen to while you’re slicing your wrists open and letting blood run freely until you achieve extreme pleasure from this sickening self act of mutilation.

Despite the production not being that strong and clear along with the thin-sounding drums, “In Conspiracy With The Night” from Ancient Spheres is a total motherfucking of a record. I highly recommend this album for your ungodly self-torture.    Satanath Records    Sarjoo Devani

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