Ancient Spell – Forever In Hell (Doom/Death Metal album review)




Ancient Spell – Forever In Hell

Holy shit, Ancient Spell rock with so much power and passion, even the fires of Hell do not burn this hot, as do on “Forever In Hell”.

Opening track “Under Your Spell”, definitely the catchiest track on this seven tracker, just steals your soul with its heavy as fuck rhythms and vocals that just obliterate your ears to dust. The memorable choruses of “Under Your Spell, Forever In Hell” are catchy and blasphemous at the same time. This song is the bomb, and explodes like a grenade going off in your mouth.

The next cut “Cease To Exist” comes across like a loaded freight train straight outta hell, destined to flatten anything in its path. This song is the perfect example of Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and early Metallica jam packed into one song, and forcefully shoved down your throat at high impact penetration.

This quintet has an enchanting blend of doom, death and heavy metal within the seven songs featured on their début CD, “Forever In Hell”. And the songs are tastefully written, arrange and played with the highest level of precision. There is so much talent hidden on this gem of a release, it’s sure to take the listener at least a solid two to three listens to appreciate the unholy darkness and soul possession rituals found here.

Just have a listen to “Beyond The Gates’” pounding, groove, heart pulsating guitar and bass rhythms, and you’ll feel like an Ancient Spell has seriously taken over your existence. This song features plenty of Solitude Aeturnus influences with hints of some early Black Sabbath.

And the final track on this 37-minute opus, “March To Your Grave” has the Chuck Schuldiner Death style vocals with the head thrashing grooves of Black Sabbath and Candlemass. This was definitely the second highlight here, and shows how capable this fivesome is at writing some of the best downtuned heavy metal in 2015. Check it out and see what Ancient Spell’s unholy spells are all about here. Minotauro Records   Sarjoo Devani

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