Ancient Spell – Eternal Punishment (Doom/Death Metal album review)

Ancient Spell - Eternal Punishment

Ancient Spell - Eternal Punishment

Los Angeles, California’s doom and death metal quintet Ancient Spell has released its second opus of mind numbing and spirit crushing epic under the guise of “Eternal Punishment”.
Mind you, “Eternal Punishment” is a very, very fitting title to this slab of maniacal hell, which is even more brutally sick than their debut album “Forever In Hell”.
Frontman and demonic growler Donnie Marhefka certainly adds his black magic-like disgusting throat convulsions along to Ancient Spell’s wall of immense mixture of doom and death metal guitar rhythms.
“Black Death Reigns” starts of with its bestial growls and breaks out into somewhat clean, strange harmonious choruses about being all metal and extreme, and not giving a care in the world as to what anyone thinks or feels about their depressive art form.
There is a convincing level of musicianship and songwriting maturity found on album number two, and this is the reason why “Eternal Punishment” picks up where “Fovever In Hell” left off, but shows the band’s limitless talents within the extreme heavy metal circles.
From listening to all nine cuts on this album, it can be inferred that “Eternal Punishment” is most definitely Ancient Spell’s finest hour, and with the type of extreme metal momentum found here, nothing can stop them.
With headbanging, hair swinging cuts like “Hell Is Waiting”, “Father Of Decay”, and “Warbound” among others, you're sure to get into that mosh pit frenzy when witnessing them live. At this point, you can also start your own pit heaving warfare in your own home…
Seriously, I believe this is the record, which should garner Ancient Spell some proper recognition within the worldwide heavy metal media, and this could only lead to bigger and better opportunities.
Highly recommended for fans of Candlemass, Unleashed, Solitude Aeternus and Crematory.
Sarjoo Devani

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