ANATHEMA – Weather Systems [The End]

Wow! This is what came out of my mouth when I first Anathema’s new CD, “Weather Systems” as it is so rich in emotions and enough atmosphere to color the skies above. The musical ambience alone here is spectacular and Vincent Cavanagh’s melodic, prog rock tinged vocals just give it more of a depth, which will just sweep you off of your feet as this was the power of “Weather Systems” I felt while reviewing this nine track affair.

Singer Lee Douglas also plays more of a role in also delivering the ethereal vocal soundscapes with her blissful vocals, and and it also shows Anathema’s more mature musical direction here as well.

There is no one song on here that is better than the other as they all invoke this eeriness within your soul, which kind puts the listener in the soul searching mode. Yes, it is very, very deep, but a title like “Weather Systems” reminds of our ever-changing cruel weather patterns and humanity’s struggle with it.

Just one listen to their last track on the new CD, “Internal Landscapes”, a track about near death experience, and you’ll be prone to major shivers on your body, as it will leave you speechless. The atmosphere on this song is so rich on many unique musical as well as spiritual levels, it will make you take a closer look at yourself to find out who you really are.

The album was recorded in Liverpool, North Wales and Oslo, Norway, so with three different locations used for the recording of this album, it is no wonder why it is packed with tons of mixed emotions. The super cell storms created by “Weather Systems” compares to no other as Anathema are in a league of their own here.

I can go on and on about how unique and awesome this new album from Anathema is, but it will do no justice until you listen to it personally and literally get absorbed in this cold air known as “Weather Systems”.

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