Alberto Rigoni – Odd Times (Instrumental Rock CD)

Alberto Rigoni - Odd Times

Alberto Rigoni - Odd Times

This power trio comprising of creative visionary and bassist virtuoso Alberto Rigoni along with talented drummer and awesome guitarist (and synthesizer player on this album), Alexandra Zerner are sure to rock your world on "Odd Times".

With a total of five tracks amounting to 37 minutes of pure rock instrumental with tastefully executed hints of prog rock synth passages and at times progressive jazz-laden guitar licks, the music here is nothing short of breathtaking. Imagine the virtuous musical imagery of Joe Satriani-like guitar riffs interwoven with Yes and Marillion-like progressive rock, and you have colorful music of the highest caliber. 

Listening to the 11-minute closing cut "Different Worlds" showcases guitarist Alexandra's soulfully initiated synth workouts with melody and harmony-fueled guitar riffing that will make you melt like butter.

"Crazy Horse" is another fine cut with it's progressively jazzy guitar overtones in the mid section of the song, which is sure to throw the listener for a mind twisting ride. This song definitely threw me off balance and into a world of limitless musical boundaries - wow! This baby felt like a roller coaster beyond my wildest dreams as it was just too unpredictable.

In all honesty, I do not have a favorite song on this five song album as every one of them is a delicately fused journey onto itself. 

What Alberto has written here with his superbly and equally talented bandmates, "Odd Times" is my pick for best progressive instrumental rock of 2020. 

I commend him staying disciplined throughout the 2020 COVID-19 crises and being completely focused on putting out such an emotional release which sums up the craziness, sadness, and desperate times the world has had to deal with this year.

Check it out without any further delay as this album is total brilliance.  Slip Trick Records      Sarjoo Devani 



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