AEOLIAN – Silent Witness (Death/Black Metal album review)

Aeolian - Silent Witness

Aeolian - Silent Witness

Manacor-based natives in Aeolian have released one hell of a musically sick and diverse album, with lyrical concepts based around mother nature and the natural beauty of this world ruined by humankind's selfish acts.

"Silent Witness" is loaded with death metal vocals, black metal synth passages topped-off with raspy screams, catchy melodies and brain numbing heaviness. While the 12 songs on offer here may be heavy as hell and in your face, but the musical diversity they showcase makes for an interesting listening experience. "Wardens Of The Sea" features raspy screams with death metal vocals and groove powered rhythms balanced out with intricately placed guitar harmonies with touches of slight folk influences. This song reminds a lot of Vintersorg in places, especially with its darkened atmospheres.

"Black Storm" has that black metal, folk driven viking metal spirited energy and style, which just throws the listener into a chaotic tailspin bound for utter mental wreckage. This song brings to mind mother nature's fury in the form of hurricanes, violent storms, earthquakes and tornadoes ravaging humankind's frail existence. This song is like the tenth track on this almost hour long album, and comes across more as a theme song to mother's revenge against all of humanity. It is the vision, which this song conjures up, which is so damn scary, and makes you apart of the hell storm found on this album.

"Witness" starts of with its groovy rhythms and Amon Amarth-like deep viking vocals all the while lashing your mind with some necessary raspy vocals for good measure. And the acoustical guitar passage found in the middle of this song shows how talented this band is at switching up different musical styles, which range from black metal to folk to modern heavy metal. I can definitely see a wild mosh pit breaking out during the performance of this song.

Aeolian blend the best of the best influences from eighties and nineties heavy metal with plenty of killer influences for all fans of well played and written metal. "Silent Witness" is one of the best extreme metal and heavy metal and atmospheric releases to come out from Spain in a long time. I highly recommend checking out Aeolian, as they'll surely blow you away into a non-existent realm of nothingness.     Snow Wave Records    Sarjoo Devani

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