Ad Noctem Funeriis – Satan’s March Black Metal (Black Metal album review)

Ad Noctem Funeriis - Satan's March Black Metal

Ad Noctem Funeriis - Satan's March Black Metal

Ad Noctem Funeriis – Satan’s March Black Metal

Wow, listening to Ad Noctem Funeriis’ raw and abyssic black metal in the form of “Satan’s March Black Metal” is like being thrown into the fiery depths where fire and brimstone welcome your soul to burn forever.

It’s very impressive to see a black metal band of Ad Noctem Funeriis’ caliber play a style of raw, underground black metal, which made the cult black metal scene so respected in the late eighties and early nineties. This quintet should be given credit for sticking to their guns and writing a style of extreme metal not even talked about much these days. It’s awesome that this band is resurrecting some of extreme black metal’s past glories.

From the opening track made up of a symphonic orchestra lead by a male tenor vocalist, it sets up a scene of hellacious onslaught you are about to endure. With perverse and meaty cuts such as “Fuck Christian’s Cross”, “Holy Whore” and “Inquisition Of Christ”, you’re sure to get a spike-laden anti-Christian fist down your throat, while you suffocate, bleed internally, and pass out.

Track number five “Arcana” is one of the standout songs here, with its bestial, raspy vocal torment, combative drumming jousts and precision, razor sharp guitar rhythms caustic enough to leave scars in your flesh.

If you by chance have any Christian church affiliation or family devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ, stay away from this ungodly debauchery, as it will offend with the greatest of disgusts towards all that is holy and pure.

What the devil is to the fiery depths below, Ad Noctem Funeriis is to the world of black metal.

“Satan’s March Black Metal” is a must for fans of Dark Funeral, Forest Of Impaled, early Emperor, and Marduk.   Symbol Of Domination   Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the killer track below in the form of "Arcana", which is one of the highlights on this sinister spirited record.



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