Absenta – Eel (Post Black Metal album review)



Absenta – Eel

Espana’s Post black metal group Absenta instills fear and cold chills down your spine with their newest CD “Eel”, which is cold and grim to the last note played. Take the best elements of Mayhem, Burzum and Enslaved, and you’ve Absenta, who is just as brutally darkened and cold, but with their own unique dynamics within the music and vocals.

Vocalist Ramon DR sings as if he is suffering from some sort of unholy possession of his soul, as you can hear the low-end growls and raspy screams, which could be invoked from the demons of the underworld. With these creepy vocals, the down tuned guitar riffs, rhythms, and the tight drumming on “Eel” just makes everything smoke here. Wait ‘til you’ve listened to the grotesque and eerie sounds of the title track “Eel”, and you will truly feel as if you’re trapped in the deepest bowels of hell, yes the abyss, in other words.

What I truly enjoyed most about Absenta, is their ability to create disturbing images of an ungodly world of sinister beings and unholy spirits exiled to the lake of fire.

With a haunting photo of an Eel on the band’s front cover in a two-tone shade of black and white grays, the artwork is just as brutally horrid as the seven tracks of total misery found here.

Absenta can go from a bestial blast furnace-like drumming and rabid-sounding guitars to more of an evil, haunting-like musical passages, which is just about present on every song here. Do not be surprised if the cold and dank air blows right through you when you listen to the ungodly and stunning song arrangements, and at times apocalyptic-sounding music.

This record is highly worth checking out if you’re into extreme forms and styles of metal, especially black metal at its most savage.    Necromance Records     Sarjoo Devani

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