Abominant – Napalm Reign (Death Metal album review)



Abominant – Napalm Reign

Holy shit, WTF… Yes, old death metal fiendish horde Abominant play blisteringly punishing extreme metal that’s sure to make you scream out Holy shit and what the fuck…!

“Napalm Reign” is a brilliant listen with a few spins, as you can hear death, thrash and heavy metal within their head splitting songwriting. Early, early Morbid Angel, Coroner, Sacrifice and Deicide come to mind when listening to cuts like “Truth Beyond Belief” and “As Evil Rears Its Head”. These are some of the most killer influences found within a death metal album, and definitely speaks volumes of why old school death metal decimates the toilet, guttural death metal of today. Shit, who wants to listen to a death metal band sounding as if their vocalist (not singer by any means) choking on his or her barf while belching out words of serial cataclysmic dismemberment and cannibalism inside of a female’s uterus. This shit has been done countless times, with way too many death metal bands copying one another. However, Abominant completely ditch the idea of ripping off a fellow death metal band and believe in concocting their-own insensible style of no life metal.

Check out the eardrum raping and spellbinding lead run on “Out Of The Shadows”, and you’ll truly feel as if you’re trapped in some sort of eternal hell. This whore just spirals out of control through the sound barrier, haha.

Furthermore, the cover of Exciter’s “Scream In The Night” is mercilessly more twisted and heavier than the original, and Abominant’s version is sure to make Exciter proud. The semi-high pitch vocal screams on this track are brilliant, if they get any cleaner, they’ll be making Rob Halford very elated.

Abominant is as brutal, insane and deadly as they come, and “Napalm Reign” just proves, you can be fucking sick in the head, kill a few people in the process, and still be extreme. Calling all fans of early Morbid Angel, Deicide, Amon, Sacrifice, Massacre, Coroner and Exciter.    Deathgasm Records      Sarjoo Devani


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