Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Strange Hobby (Classic Rock Album review)

Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Strange Hobby

Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Strange Hobby is surely going to rock you with his covers of some the popular rock and classic rock bands from the 1960s and 1970s.

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The Dead Daises – Make Some Noise (Rock Music album)


The Dead Daises play heavy rock with tons of fat rhythms and upbeat vocals that are sure to make you sing-a-long and bang your head to their dirty, energetic rock music.

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ASIA – Phoenix (Progressive Rock album review)

Asia has always been a groundbreaking progressive rock band, and the rerecorded reissue of “Phoenix” just proves how much of a unique album this was in 1982 and still is today.

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Gunhill – Nightheat/One Over The Eight (Rock Music album review)

GUNHILL-Nightheat:One Over The Eight

Gunhill’s reissues in the form “Nightheat” and ‘One Over The Eight” feature none other than one of rock’s finest voices, John Lawton, and this is rock music with soul listeners can truly feel.

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Dead End – Reborn From The Ancient Grave (Death metal CD review)

Dead End - Reborn From The Ancient Grave

Dead End shatters the sound barrier with their brand of old school death metal with hints of doom metal that’s sure to leave the listener in a state of extreme pain.

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The Curved Air Rarities Series Vol. 1/Tapestry Of Propositions (Progressive Rock album review)


Curved Air has released a live recording with 17 improvised cuts recorded at 15 different venues on their 2013/2014 tour, and it’s simply mind shattering…

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Malamorte – Devilish Illusions (Black metal album review)

Malamorte - Devilish Illusions

Black metal stalwarts Malamorte engage in the unholy incantations of blasphemous and decayed spirits of an ungodly domain, which is sure to possess your weakened soul.

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Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors Live

Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors Live

Imagine Dragons’ newest blu-ray/CD set captures the quartet in their all out live glory, with audiences just going crazy after their brand of alternative and art rock.

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Morth – Towards The Endless Path (Symphonic Black metal album review)

Morth - Towards The Endless Path

Morth is sure to unravel the mysteries of the darkest depths of the abyss on their latest symphonic black metal spell caster.

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Lacrimas Profundere – Hope Is Here (Gothic Metal album review)

Lacrimas Profundere - Hope Is Here

Lacrimas Profundere has just released its first concept album under the name of “Hope Is Here”, and it is by far their most emotionally driven album.

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