UNREST – Grindcore

Unrest - Grindcore

“Grindcore” does not get any raw and ugly than this people, so check this out and let your ass get a nice kicking.

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THE KILL – Kill Them…All

The Kill - Kill Them All

“The Divine Word” is only 58 seconds in length and just blows by you with hurricane force winds, not even knowing what mowed you down.

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BREATHLESS – Return To Pangea

Breathless - Return To Pangea

Their total thrash metal assault is pretty hard on the ears and even unrelenting …

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EXHUMED – Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998-2015

Exhumed - Gore Metal

Exhumed has always been an entertaining band with their early Carcass influences and delivery of real-life, horror lyrics, and their will to keep churning out gore metal for so long is a true testament to their longevity.

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SORDIDE – La France a peur

Sordide - La France a peur

  SORDIDE – La France a peur (CD) This evil, behemoth trio known as Sordide hail from France, and play a very depressive and agonizing style of black metal that’s sure to resurrect your inner demons. Their music is very

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ARA – Devourer Of Worlds

ARA - Devourer Of Worlds

Ara, a tech death metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin play a modern hybrid of technical metal mixed in with old school death metal that just crushes the senses.

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NAILGUN MASSACRE – Boned, Boxed and Buried

Nailgun Massacre - Boned, Boxed and Buried

Dutch barbaric death metal maniacs Nailgun Massacre are back with their sickest and musically most unrelenting release that’s bound to turn you into a serial killer!

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GHOULGOTHA – The Deathless Cloak

Ghoulgotha - The Deathmass Cloak

  GHOULGOTHA – The Deathmass Cloak (CD) I love death metal when it is done really well and you can feel the negative energy blow right through you, but Ghoulgotha go even further musically. “The Deathmass Cloak” is a weird

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DESOLATE SHRINE – The Heart Of The Netherworld

Desolate Shrine - The Heart Of The Netherworld

Desolate Shrine’s stunning display of blackened death metal is proof that Finnish extreme metal still reigns supreme in the Scandinavian regions, and “The Heart Of The Netherworld” is prime example of this ungodly brutality.

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THEO – The Game Of Ouroboros

Theo - The Game Of Ouroboros

Michigan’s Theo has carefully crafted keyboard driven classic progressive rock with some futuristic sound effects and enough catchy hooks to get you into the mood of jamming along with the band.

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