Paul Gilbert – Behold Electric Guitar (Instrumental Melodic Rock)

Paul Gilbert - Behold...

Paul Gilbert - Behold Electric Guitar

Paul Gilbert is back with his newest album "Behold Electric Guitar", and it is definitely one heck of a journey through his complex style of playing, blending the best parts of jazz and instrumental rock.

What I most enjoyed about this album, was the fact that Paul throws in plenty of catchy groove-laden hooks, which backs up is lead style of playing so well. At times it feels like this guitar licks and riffs are having a dialogue between the two varied parts, and this sounds so damn brilliant, it just sucks you right into your speakers. "Having' It" is a an awesome example of this awesome arrangement, as the song just starts out with so much finger board finesse, then the jazz parts come in a subtle way, making your ears just perk up to Gilbert's fluid soloing. 

"I Own A Building" reminds of a local club venue with people having fun and rocking out on a late Saturday night somewhere on the Sunset strip in Hollywood, California. Man, this song reminded me so much of Los Angeles and glitz and glamour of Hollywood's liveliness, wow. And his soloing on this song is so spectacular and out of this world, it took my breath away with it's heavenly power. Yes, I felt every note he struck here just resonating throughout my body - this was quite an experience.

The jazzy synth filled passages on "Everywhere That Mary Went" just flows so well with Gilbert's superb guitar mastery, especially in his soloing here, as this song is such an uplifting affair. This is a track to calm you down after that long day at work. The guitar work on this song got my youngest son to come out of his bedroom, to see what the in the world was going on, as he too was enamored by Gilbert's awesomeness. For a nine year old, this can be a daunting experience, but he was mildly impressed from the smile on his face. 

"Every Snare Drum" is definitely the mellowest track on the CD with its smooth soloing technique and a laid back rhythm section, just making you want to relax in a worry-free state of being, gotta love it. This track alone is a great soundtrack to some serious meditation.

All in all, "Behold Electric Guitar" shows another musical side of Paul Gilbert's unique style of playing, and does so with so much conviction and diversity with it jazz infused elements, which makes for an awesome release. Highly recommended for fans of Joe Satriani, Frank Gamble, The Beatles, and Steve Vai.   Sarjoo Devani       Music Theories Recordings

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