NEXORUM – Death Unchained (death metal CD)

Nexorum - Death Unchained

Nexorum - Death Unchained 

Trondheim, Norway's death metal troupe Nexorum play a blisteringly, mentally punishing, blackened death metal with no remorse in sight, as "Death Unchained" just crushes all bodily functions in one devastating blow.  

With apocalyptic opening cuts:  "Saligia Moralis Codice" and "Procession of the Damned" you get this feeling of impending war with all that is holy, and feels like the devil has the upper hand on all lambs of Christ.  At one point, the music here sounds so damn haunting, you feel as if you're trapped in the inner depths of a bottomless pit where Lucifer dwells. I really like the evil-sounding synth passages and eerie, dull vocals found on "Procession Of The Damned", as it just sucks you right into Nexorum's unholy world of brimstone and damnation.

This almost hour long debut CD from these Norwegian evil mongers has real darkened atmospheres throughout the album, and "Death Unchained" is a very fitting name for this CD, as death is truly your bloody salvation here. Nexorum is definitely not the most unique of death metal bands to hail from Norway, but their true to form and old school vibes here makes this a very devastating release to say the least, so this is a very unique quality in itself.

The sound, mixing and production qualities on "Death Unchained" only adds more torment to the listener's mind, bringing their poor souls to their knees while pleading for mercy. Nexorum is not for the faint of heart, as this is death metal hell bent on incinerating your spirit into a void-filled, downward spiral of complete emptiness. Prepare to have your death unchained on this monster of death and immense suffering. Check out the video for their killer, evil cut "Great Horned King" below. I give these guys a 9 out of 10.       Non Serviam Records        Sarjoo Devani 






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