GODSTICKS – Inescapable (Rock CD)


Godsticks - Inescapable 

Godstick's music is a unique amalgamation of progressive rock, metal, and alternative rock painted with such vivid colors that give all nine of their songs such an emotional depth the listener will feel.

Supposedly, this is the group's fifth release, and from what I've heard here, I'll be checking out their back catalogue in due time. The band has been around since 2009, and have gone through a few lineup changes, but their musicianship is nothing short of total brilliance on "Inescapable". This quartet is the perfect chemistry of sheer bliss, pure emotion, and enough atmosphere to make you delve deeper into your life's past journeys. I don't want to get too philosophically deep for this review, but Godstick's music definitely makes you look deeper into your soul, which in itself is quite an enriching experience. 

So, this leads me to the review of "Inescapable" being such a fine affair in top-notch songwriting skills and vocals that'll mesmerize you. Album opening cut "Denigrate" comes at you rocking with total seriousness and just grabs your attention with its prog-laden guitar rhythms and convincing singing, courtesy of Darran Charles.  The video is a must see for "Denigrate", as it is kind of like a mini-silent flick, very tastefully produced and written for sure. "Victim" is another powerfully charged number with it's somber overtones, as the music here just takes over your visual and auditory senses. 

"Relief" is the 3rd tune, which throws quite a few curve balls at your ears with its semi-groove driven guitar rhythms and passionately sung lyrics that'll get you thinking about life. "Resist" is another catchy groove and a hook laden track with its funky jazz passages in the intro, and then the song picks up the tempo with some unique guitar rhythms that'll get you into that head banging spirit. This song has a lot of the Vanden Plas prog rock and metal edge to it, which is sure to pump you up for that massive burst of energy. 

"Surrender" has melodic vocals that are more in line with Radiohead's "I'm A Creep" alternative style of rock, with its mellow moments and somber mood swings throughout. Darran's vocals here reminds a bit of DownesbraidAssociation, which is another awesome progressive rock band from Great Britain.

There are nine songs on this album, and none of them disappoint due to the fact Godsticks know how to carefully change up the arrangements and keep their musicianship interesting to listen to. Basically, all of the songs here have their own identity and stand on their own, leaving the listener to ponder on what the band is trying to convey musically. 

I am very impressed with Godsticks as they write and play rock music from the heart, with such a pure form, you feel every ounce of their songwriting passion on "Inescapable". When a band writes their songs from the heart, you can tell right off the bat, as you can literally feel it within your soul, and this has certainly been achieved on this release. Highly worth your time, especially if you enjoy rock, progressive rock with hints of metal. Kscope Records    Sarjoo Devani 


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