DERANGED – Deeds Of Ruthless Violence (Old School Death Metal CD)

Deranged - Deeds Of Ruthless Violence


Deranged - Deeds Of Ruthless Violence

Unholy shit, Sweden's Deranged has not aged a bit in their overall attitude and viciousness of the brutal death metal found on their newest offering of fleshly spilled blood, "Deeds Of Ruthless Violence". 

This motherfucker of a release is a scripted scene of blood soaked, massive killing spree, death and gore that's sure to engulf its unsuspecting victim into a putrid heap of agonizing mortality. "Engulfed By Hate I Stab To Kill" comes across as a serial killer on a mission of total bloodletting of his victims before beheading them on the butcher's block. Yes, this does sound sick, but wait until you listen to it for the first time, as you'll be driven to the point of self destruction! Death and gore have never sounded so fucking brilliant, but as can be tasted on this eight tracker, you're sure to revel in the sonic madness created by Deranged's sick visions. 

"Carnal Provision For The Rotten Masses" starts of with its mid-paced guitar and drumming passages, which just drags you deeper and deeper into your private hell. While you're experiencing all of this pain and misery, this song's morbid, guttural vocals and heart shattering guitars just drag your dying corpse into the Thorne-laden ground. 

I've definitely enjoyed the musicianship on this album, as the band has matured into twisted but fine songwriters while making the listener suffocate on all of their blood curdling aural displeasure here. A good of example of some interesting and spine chilling riffs can be found on the skull splitting "Through Stages Of Putrefaction", as riffs stand out here like a machete dripping with fresh blood. The melodies on some of their songs only makes Deranged that more interesting to listen to, as it gives their songs a lot of layers, which paints vivid pictures of ruthless, violent tragedies.

If I was forced to draw any sort of comparisons to Cannibal Corpse, "The Bleeding" would be the closet this album comes, but Deranged is definitely a lot heavier and in your face on this release.  

For death metal heads feeling the wrath of COVID-19, and being told to shelter-in-place, "Deeds Of Ruthless Violence" is a fitting release for these cruelest of times, courtesy of Mother Nature. Stay in your home, lock all the doors, and let Deranged come into your world and spread their plague of immeasurable bloody violence upon you.

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