Cro-Mags – From The Grave 7″



Cro-Mags - From The Grave 7"

The Cro-Mags are back; wow!!! This is what came out of my mouth when I put this gem of a release from the Cro-Mags, on my 32-year-old record player. The music which came off the 7" EP sounded good, but what made this new studio recording by one of Hardcore's greats, is the fiery energy ever so present within founding member Harley Flanagan's vocals and his aggressive bass guitar assault. The guitars and drumming also take the listener on an eye opening ride...

From the nicely packaged (definitely simplistic in presentation), the 7" EP is a limited edition (not hand) numbered record, with a lyric sheet to the songs: "From The Grave" and "PTSD". The transparent swirl pattern design on the grooved disc makes for an awesome collectors item. There are a mere three cuts featured on this record, which are a total in your skull hardcore punishment. Cro-Mags now features within its ranks legend thrash metal guitarist Rocky George (formerly of Suicidal Tendencies), the music on this e.p. along with Flanagan's gritty and pissed-off vocals makes for a brutally twisted listening experience. You're sure to feel his angst and pain for sure. There is also a special guest appearance by former Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell lending his lead playing and slide guitar riffing on the visceral cut "From The Grave". I love the fact that Cro-Mags has also featured an eerie instrumental, "Between Wars",  with its dreary-sounding distorted guitars along with some awesome cello passages. This song is from the soundtrack of the movie of the same name. 

From what I've heard on the songs featured on this 7" EP, is anything to go by, I am dying to check out Cro-Mags upcoming full length CD of newer material. It feels like the glory days of Cro-Mags' hardcore with hints of punk and metal is making a resurgent comeback, and it sure is going to take the music world by a furious, raging storm. The Cro-Mags are back from the grave, so be prepared for an intense beating of your senses!!  Victory Records   Sarjoo Devani



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