APATHEIA – Konstelacja Dziur (Grim Black Metal album review)

Apatheia - Konstelacja Dziur

Apatheia - Konstelacja Dziur

Poland's sick, twisted and evil black metal trio play a vicious style of old school-sounding grim and raw hellish blackened metal, which is sure to burn your soul alive.

Musically, the instruments are downtuned to a disgustingly lower tuning, to the point of making the listener's fucking eardrums explode beyond oblivion. The raspy vocals sound very suffocated coming across like a demon getting ready to exorcise its own breathren in the church of Satan. The overall sound of this eight track record is blisteringly devilish in every bloody aspect, literally. The dagger-like guitar rhythms pierce through your flesh, wounding your spirit beyond any and all human comprehension.

Just about every aspect musically and production-wise makes "Konstelacja Dziur" a genuine old school, grim and raw sounding black metal album, with the only let down coming in the form of the lyrics being in their native Polish. It's okay to have lyrics in your native language non-other than English, but have proper translation for the sickened and twisted lyrics you have in your songs. The only cut on this eight song affair which even remotely comes across reading and sounding like English would be their last song here, "Supernowa", but again the lyrics on this one too are in their native Polish language.

However, credit should be given to Apatheia for playing a style of black metal made so well known by the likes of Carpathian Forest, Ulver, Mayhem, Windir, and the now defunct US black metal stalwarts Forest Of Impaled. I very much enjoyed the cold and grim sound on this album, as it definitely left me feeling devoid of any feelings for humanity. Now, this is what I call total subliminal brain washing, and you too can experience the full effects of this mental torture on "Konstelacja Dziur". Check it out and fucking sacrifice your soul to the horned lord.  Godz Of War Productions        Sarjoo Devani



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