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Megadeth to Perform at the Palms, Las Vegas in February 2016

Dave Mustaine, like many other heavy metal icons, seems like he’s unlikely to settle into retirement anytime soon. The Megadeth founding member is renowned for being one of the genre’s biggest hellraisers and has had his many battles with addiction over his turbulent career.

After being booted out of Metallica in the 1980s, Mustaine founded Megadeth in 1983, and the band have been a constant tour de force ever since.

The band has sold approximately 50 million records worldwide and is seen as one of the most influential thrash and metal bands in history.

The recently announced Dystopia Tour is the band’s latest tour. The extensive tour will focus on North America visiting cities such as New York, Chicago, Jacksonville, Quebec City, Boston, Edmonton, Bangor, Philadelphia and Calgary before the band set off to Europe to play a slew of dates as well as festival appearances in the summer. It will mark a busy time for the band as the tour will start on February 20 at the South Side Ballroom, in Dallas, Texas and finish at the Tons of Rock Festival in Oslo, Norway on June 25.

One of the biggest shows on the band’s Dystopia Tour is their stop off in Las Vegas. They will play a show at the prestigious The Pearl, Palms Concert Theater inside the famous Palms Resort and Casino in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and will be joined by Suicidal Tendencies. Megadeth has long been a favorite in Las Vegas having appeared in the city hundreds of times since the band’s inception.

Over the last decade many of Las Vegas’s casinos have begun showcasing heavy metal and rock bands because of the demand for live music. When the first online casino portal was launched back in 1997, land-based casinos were forced to rethink their business models because the online operators began commanding a huge slice of the gaming pie – drastically impacting Vegas casino’s revenues. Nowadays, reputable portals have even branched out into mobile gaming and making their websites mobile-responsive while featuring various popular Vegas games online.

While Vegas casinos such as the Palms looking to stay afloat amid turbulent times for the industry, expect them to welcome back bands like Megadeth on a regular basis. While there are still tickets available for the February 26 show, make sure to buy your ticket well in advance, as the concert organizers predict that the event will sell out before the scheduled date of the performance.

Watch Megadeth live in Argentina performing ‘Symphony of Destruction’:


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